Product availability March 2014

dill beans, pickled daikon, pickled turnip, spicy carrots, pickled beets, spicy beans

Our pickle lineup for Urban Craft March 15!

Our available products
Items with an asterisk* have fewer jars available.

Beau’s Kissmeyer Nordic Ale mustard 60mL $3
Beau’s Lug Tread mustard* 60mL $3
cucumber relish (dill)* 246mL $5
cucumber relish (sweet) 246mL $5
dill beans 488mL $12
jalapeno garlic black pepper jelly* 250mL $10
molasses baked beans 488mL $8
pickled beets 488mL $10
pickled daikon (shredded, sweet, with ginger) 488mL $7
pickled green cherry tomatoes in EVOO 246mL $8
pickled turnip (fermented, keep refrigerated) 750mL $10
red pepper jelly* 250mL $10
rhubarb-raisin chutney* 246mL $8
sauerkraut 246mL $5
spicy pickled beans* 750mL $14
spicy pickled carrots 488mL $10
spicy pickled carrots with cilantro & ginger 488mL $10
spicy pickled long beans* 750mL $16

5-citrus marmalade (soft set)* 250mL $10
beer-rhubarb-apple fruit butter* 250mL $8
bergamot marmalade 250mL $12
Bergamot-mint marmalade* 250mL $12
brandied plums (2oz. Brandy)* 488mL $20
ginger syrup (brown sugar, unfiltered) 246mL $4
green tea mint apple jelly with lime* 250mL $10
Jameson & bitter orange marmalade (1/2 oz.) 250mL $10
Jameson apple jelly (1 oz.)* 250mL $10
lemon simple syrup 488mL $8
lemon-lavender simple syrup* 246mL $6
lime marmalade 250mL $10
Maraschino soaked sour cherries (1 oz liq)* 246mL $10
Maraschino soaked sour cherries (2 oz liq) 488mL $16
Seville orange marmalade 250mL $10
sour cherry simple syrup 488mL $8
strawberry jam* 246mL $8
tangy cranberry sauce 246mL $6

Happy Goat coffee (whole beans) 1lb. $18
Happy Goat coffee (whole beans) 1/2 lb. $10

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