Bourbon cocktails ♥ our version of Maraschino cherries

Regram from @slight_left “Next round : #whiskey sours with @makersmark bourbon cocktail” garnished with @topshelfpreserves sour cherries. These look great!
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We take pitted sour cherries, add enough sugar to the cherry juice to make a thin syrup, and jar them with a shot of Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur per half-pint of cherries. The result is a slightly tangy bar cherry that we think compliments boozy booze better than your standard Maraschino cherry (who needs all that dye in their cocktail?). If Old Fashioneds aren’t your thing try the cherries in a White Russian or a Roy Rogers, or top some decadent ice cream with ’em. Jim (Sara’s brother) just eats them with a spoon out of the jar.